Becoming a Supplier

Within the procurement business:

For our clients who are interested in becoming sellers, pvXchange operates as an outsourced, professional sales team. In this way, we help you to save time and money within the national and international sale of solar components. The increasingly compartmentalized distribution to a large number of customers issues challenges to many sellers. pvXchange meets this challenge in a very efficient way by combining professional sales with an online platform.

As a seller we offer you our support by means of professional online newsletter marketing and an experienced sales team that helps you to market your products to new customers and in new regions. Being part of a large network and being successful in penetrating the market, we are able to pool requests and to procure the required buyers in a fast and reliable way. We can also help you to establish completely new sales channels. We find the customer for your business you are looking for!

In order to offer our customers certainty and reliability, we in advance check each potential seller. Within a selection process we also beforehand have a very close look at the products and offers in order to provide our customers with attractive offers any time.

In this way we make sure that we can provide each person involved with exactly the services that he or she expects..

Your Benefits as a pvXchange supplier:

  • Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional and experienced sales team
  • Increase your revenue by accessing new customers and regions
  • Reduce your risks when entering new markets
  • Save time and money in sales
  • Take advantage of performance-based pay
  • Work with an established company - pvXchange has already placed more than 1.000 MWp of solar module and inverter sales worldwide.

pvXchange purchases your products

In single cases we can offer you to purchase your products ourselves. We are doing this especially with regard to types of end-of-life modules, remnants, B-stock and used goods. We usually check the quality of these goods. At least we have the condition and state of the products documented in a very exact way. In precisely measuring the performance, we are for example able to define the quality – and thereby the value – of your modules so that we can then make you a fair offer.

Are you interested in becoming a supplier?

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