Global Climate Strike

The global climate strikes are going on and on!

Under the label #GlobalStrike4Future, the protest against the politics of the governments of all industrialized countries continued on Friday, 29 November 2019. In Germany alone, more than 600,000 people were on the street again - in all medium and large cities and of course in Berlin, where there was the largest concentration of angry children, adolescents and adults in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

While millions of people went to strike on the streets, the German government presented a ridiculous climate package on September 20, which leads us even deeper into the climate crisis. With business as usual and lots of pill-pills, these measures are just another consequence of German Great Coalition's series of climate policy failures. Declaring this as a success is a scandal and not just a slap into the face of the young generation who has been stricken for almost a year, but above all of all people in the global South who are already experiencing the drastic consequences of the climate crisis. Climate crisis, that is: the largest species extinction in the history of humanity, more and more extreme weather events, the destruction of livelihoods worldwide. Climate crisis, which also means: rising sea levels, new epidemics, increasing forest fires. And that means food shortages, flight movements, droughts and floods, to an extent that seems unimaginable so far.

At the beginning of December, politicians from all UN countries met at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) to review compliance with international climate goals. And Germany was standing there empty handed. A tax law from the Ministry of Finance should be the Government's answer to the biggest crisis of our time - in school this would mean: "Topic missed! Grade F - sit down!" (Source:

Also the employees of pvXchange participated in the global climate strike. Please find here a couple of pictures!