Mounting Systems - Installation systems for photovoltaic plants

The right PV mounting system for any installation, on the roof or the ground

The ISO-certified Mounting Systems GmbH is one of the world's largest producers of mounting structures for photovoltaic systems. With over 27 years of know-how in the market, the company is one of the most experienced developers and manufacturers in this field. Mounting Systems GmbH has its headquarters and production in Rangsdorf near Berlin and its products are being delivered worldwide. As a member of the Zech Group, the company is equipped for the future and can guarantee quality and safety for its customers' projects.

As a full-range supplier, Mounting Systems GmbH offers a wide range of on-roof, flat-roof, in-roof, solar carports and ground-mounted systems.

Ground mounted pv installation with Mounting Systems Sigma II


Mounting Systems is a customer-oriented manufacturer of PV mounting systems. From the first contact to the finished PV-system, Mounting Systems is there for their customers. Even years after completion of the pv-installation Mounting System provides customer support.

As a first product of our partnership with Mounting Systems, we have jointly developed a bundle for 750 kWp photovoltaic systems, which includes solar modules, inverters and mouting system. Advantages for you: minimized planning requirements, immediate availability, low price.