Middle clamp Vario with grounding silver 91121-01

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The module clamps for all photovoltaic systems! With the module clamps Vario, you can mount photovoltaic modules with a frame height of 30-50 mm quickly and securely. This can significantly simplify your stock-keeping, and you also always have the right clamp with you. The grounding pin integrated as standard in the middle clamps ensures the necessary potential equalization of the solar modules.

  • middle clamp Vario can be used for all PV systems
  • conveniently screwed from above
  • only one tool required: TX 40
  • lift and turn to prevent unintentional rotation during assembly
  • the entire clamp lifts off during disassembly
  • middle clamp Vario for frame heights of 30 - 50 mm, including grounding pin for potential equalization
  • easy handling due to compact design
  • available also in black anodized finish

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