Our Services

We are constantly aiming at improving our service offers for you. Thus, apart from the trading and procurement business, we provide you with complementary services that help you to save effort, money and costs. According to the idea of a one-stop service, we offer you our:

PV Spare Parts Service

Do you have to replace a defect solar panel or inverter?

We have an extensive stock of original products (new and used goods) of various types and specification. We offer you a spare parts service for defect photovoltaic systems. Especially with regard to solar modules and inverters not being produced anymore, we are able to supply the original products or appropriate substitutes.

Further Service Offers

Apart from PV components we can also offer you some complementary services, such as:

  • Quality checks for solar modules – in the test center or on site
  • Removal and reinstallation of single solar panels or whole systems
  • Advising on rebuilding or replanning
  • Warehousing and logistics services
  • Repairs and adjustments (rebuilding and packaging of modules)
  • Collection and disposal/ recycling of defect modules

You find further information on our Service sites. For an individual consultation or a service offer, please contact: services@pvXchange.com.