DC Surge Arrester EPVA T1+2-2MPP-KD

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ELTROPA surge arrester for DC protection of the inverter in photovoltaic systems. Type 1+2 surge protection according to EN 61643-31 for 2x MPP input and 2x MPP output. The system solution is pre-assembled in a UV-stable polycarbonate housing (IP65) and allows a quick surface installation indoors or outdoors. A transparent cover makes the status display easy to read. Thanks to push-in connections, the strings can be connected through a cable gland in V-wiring. Rated DC voltage: 1100V, Protection level: < 4.4kV, Rated leakage current (8/20): 20kA, Max. Leakage surge current (8/20): 40kA, Total lightning impulse current (10/350): 50kA, Total lightning impulse current (10/350): 12.5kA, Lightning impulse current (10/350): 6.25kA, Short-circuit strength (Isccr): 11kA

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IP 65