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Advantages of Energy Storage Sets

A large solar storage system makes particular sense when the self-consumption of the generated solar power is to be maximized. This is especially relevant in regions with high electricity prices or in areas far from the grid. In addition, a large solar storage system offers the possibility to store excess solar power and use it during times of low solar radiation. For households or companies that aim for a high degree of independence from the public power grid, a large solar storage system can also be advantageous. Ultimately, a large solar storage system contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the promotion of sustainability.

A solar storage set offers the following advantages:

  1. Independence from the power grid: By storing excess energy, households can maximize their self-supply and be less dependent on the public power grid.
  2. Optimization of self-consumption: With an energy storage system, solar system operators can optimally use the self-generated solar power by storing it and using it as needed, instead of feeding it into the grid.
  3. Reduction of the electricity bill: By using the stored solar power instead of expensive grid power, households can reduce their electricity costs in the long term.
  4. Relief of the power grid: By locally storing and using solar power, the load on the power grid can be reduced, especially during times of high feed-in or peak loads.
  5. Flexibility and emergency power capability: Energy storage systems allow for continued power supply in the event of power outages or emergencies by providing an autonomous power source.
  6. Contribution to environmental protection: The use of solar energy and the reduction of the need for conventional grid power contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of renewable energies.

Difference between DC and AC Storage

DC storage and AC storage are two different types of energy storage systems used in solar systems to store the generated power for later use. The main difference between them lies in the way they store and provide the generated solar power.

DC storage, also known as direct current storage, takes up the direct current (DC) that is directly generated by the solar modules. This direct current is stored in batteries, which are usually designed as lithium-ion batteries. These batteries store the electrical energy, which is then taken from the batteries as needed and converted into alternating current to supply the electrical consumers in the house.

On the other hand, AC storage, also known as alternating current storage, first converts the generated direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) so that the energy can be used directly in the household or fed into the power grid. To store the power in the batteries, it must be converted back into direct current. When power is needed, the stored direct current is taken from the batteries and converted back into alternating current to supply the electrical consumers.

The choice between a DC storage and an AC storage depends on various factors, including the type of solar system, the existing electrical infrastructure in the house, and the individual preferences of the system operator. Both types offer advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency, cost, flexibility, and installation requirements, so it is important to consider the specific requirements and needs of the respective project in order to make the right choice.

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