What We Do


With more than 10.000 registered business clients, pvXchange is one of the world's biggest brokerage platforms for solar modules, inverters and further PV components. Bringing along an expertise of more than 25.000 successful business deals and more than 15 years of market experience, pvXchange provides its clients with suitable offers in an individual, fast and efficient way.

Mission statement

All employees at pvXchange share a single goal: providing the best global marketplace for photovoltaic components. Our international team is dedicated to ensuring that we are the worldwide market leader in choice, price, and speed, and that we can guarantee absolute security of delivery and payment at all times. At pvXchange, we help our customers keep their customers satisfied.

Our services

A marketplace for the worldwide distribution of PV components

We offer our customers comprehensive services across the purchase and sale of photovoltaic components. Supported by our trading platform's up-to-the-minute price and product information, our experienced international sales team brings buyers and sellers together with maximum efficiency.

Procurement advisory and market overview for our customers

For buyers such as installers and project developers, pvXchange offers the added value of years of experience in the photovoltaic market and our market platform's up-to-the-minute product information. We work as part of our clients’ team to help them manage their supply chain, allowing them to build quality and profitable projects. We make sure you get the right products, at the right time, and at the right price.

Outsourced, professional sales team for selected suppliers

For selected manufacturers and distributors, pvXchange functions as a highly professional, outsourced sales team, reducing both the time and cost of sales. The complexities of marketing to an increasingly fragmented solar market can pose challenges for providers—pvXchange's experienced sales team and advanced online trading platform can help solve them.

Complementary service offers for our clients

Apart from the trading and procurement of PV modules, components and spare parts we offer some complementary services, such as Quality checks for solar modules, Warehousing and Logistic services, Repair and Installation works (e.g. removal and reinstallation). We intend to create an additional value that helps you saving time and money.